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Located In Birmingham United Kingdom, having worked in the building trade for some 25 years. I am  passionate about helping people with there problems, to be honest 90 percent of the time you can sort many problems yourself with just a small amount of guidance saving you stacks of cash along the way. Our world is full of DIY stores selling everything you will need, so its time for us all to get motivated and start learning new skills.

Do It Yourself is a vast subject to cover, lets face it most things can be classified as DIY, (Cooking, Gardening, Making your own wine, Growing Vegetables) all of which i am involved in and will be covering, making this a one stop shop for information and reviews.

What have I learned   

House Building, extended them, converted them, decorated them, heating them, plumbed them, in fact just about everything in them….. I also grow my own vegetables down the allotment, my garage is a wine and beer brewing room and my kitchen is what i call my little heaven, where I experiment with different styles of cooking from around the world.

My Pond

My Pond

Why the blog.

Most of us turn to the tinternet for Information, Cooking recipes, decorating, the latest fashion tips and so on. I see the internet like a massive library of books with a very simple way of searching through those books, finding exactly what you want. That excites me and gives me inspiration to add my book. Starting my blog has been on the cards for the past 5 years, not knowing where to start, i’ve just hit 50 and figured its now or never.

Get in Touch

Get in touch, let me know what you think, anything you want me to cover, have i got it wrong, i am not scared of criticism, in fact i will embrace any good or bad.

The truth The Whole Truth

Everything you read about has been practised my myself and are of my experiences, I will not be advising on anything that i haven’t tried, the idea is for you to learn my my mistakes, I am not saying that my way is the best way either. Sharing this information will save you time and give you another edge before you part with your hard earned cash.


Who doesn’t love a gadget or two?  I’m a bit of a gadget freak and most of the time buying them for a bit of fun, surprisingly there are hundreds of gadgets out there that we do need in our DIY life, Just for a bit of fun i will share some of the coolest I come across for the DIY world, In this section I am going to admit i have not bought all of them but they will be on my wish list, this is not a review section, just a bit of fun section. I would be interested if you find any cool gadgets for the DIY world that i can add and share.






There are links to affiliate sites to help you find the products I talk about, these links give me a small commission to help fund the site at no extra cost to you thank you 


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