Easy Indian Turmeric Chicken

  • chicken-curry
  • chicken curry
    Add Chicken To The Sause
  • curry sauce
    Cook On Low Heat
  • sauce
    Blitz The Suace
  • Curry
    Add The Water And Cook
  • Beer
  • Chicken
    Add Ingredients To Chicken
  • Onions
    Add Other Ingredients
  • cooked chicken
    Cook The Chicken
  • sliced chicken
  • chicken breasts
    Chicken breasts
  • Onion and Pepper
    Fry The Onions And Pepper
  • Onions
    Slice The Onions
  • Bell Pepper
    Slice The Pepper
  • garlic and ginger puree
    Blitz The Garlic And Ginger
  • ginger and garlic
    Add To Blender
  • ginger
  • spice-1631562_1920

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